The Heartland Fields

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About two weeks ago I traveled up to two of my best friends to attend their wedding, soon after that we traveled about a hour away to a resort for their honeymoon. After a few days of relaxing we settled down to play a game of Pathfinder set in the world of Greyhawk though with changes to the setting. The campaign began near the edge of the Heartlands near a area known as the Wildwoods a massive forest that stretches far south to the elven nation of Celene.

Unlike almost every other game I have run almost every aspect (save for running the Moathouse from Temple of Elemental Evil) has been randomly generated or made up on the fly. Further using the Ultimate Campaign each player had a random generation for their backgrounds. Thus many threads and hooks are ignored or forgotten. This first entry is mostly a overview rather than a detailed account. Further sessions will be much more detailed. Worse sometimes things are quite random or disconnected, but for better or worse we begin:

Dramatis Personae

Pressi Longmire : Born not in the Heartlands or it’s nearby environs, she lived her early years in a terrible keep known as Castle Dreadhollow. Worse still was the location of Dreadhollow,Acheron one of the outer planes on the Great Wheel. She was tormented by the fact that her mother had been once the leader of The Moot what one might call the capital of the halflings.

There she pretended to be a priest of Yondalla (the leader of the halfling pantheon) though in truth she was dedicated to the terrible hero-deity Thamir. Thamir, once the husband to Yondalla was turned to darkness by a nameless demon. She was discovered and was forced to flee with her cultists to Thamir’s home in Acheron

Shaemis: Born in the nearby cursed land known only as the Pomarj to a dire ritual, Shaemis was born of a terrible crime against a poor innocent woman that she never knew. A half-orc that was destined to become the leader of not only the Blacktalon Tribe, but of all of the Pomarj. Instead Shaemis which is a human name he gained later fled with his sister Galsha to the north traveling through the hostile lands claimed by Celene before eventually meeting the party. Meanwhile his brother Turrosh Mak unified the Pomarj under his own rule.

Half-Orc Magus

Galsha: The silent twin sister of Shaemis, born without a voice she was left to die. She survived this however and follows Shaemis around everywhere using her inborn talents to heal those around her. Powers she was given by a strange and shadowy figure.

Half-Orc Life Witch

Myst: Born in the Wild Cost in the city of Freeport Myst lived a charmed life for many years. A elf for one parent and a human for another she was a child of two worlds that sought out adventure. A diplomat first beyond a ‘warrior’ she strives to protect her friends and to bolster them from harm as much as she can.

Half-Elf Bard

Cannibals, Velvet, and the Moathouse

After rolling random reasons why the members of the party knew each other. The first adventures take them from the Wildwoods a great forest south east of the town of Hommlet and back again. They take Myst who was almost eaten by their fellow caravan guards who suddenly became cannibalistic. Shaemis carried Myst out of the forest to be healed by a young priestess in the town. There Shaemis met up with Pressi a old companion years back, they had all met in the Wild Coast and had been working odd jobs.

Now they wanted something more grand. Thus while Myst was healing Pressi, Galsha, and Shaemis went out to the Wildwoods to where the caravan had been. Along the way they discover the old Moathouse but decide to travel to the caravan because it had been moving cloth north to Verbobonc. They had remembered a large chest that was locked in the caravan. Sure enough they found it as rain began to fall.

They also found a man wearing a robe made out of human skin stacking bones. Shaemis after scaring the poor bugger let him go rather than face him in battle something that Pressi never let Shaemis forget. They found Velvet and Azure Silk (silk made from worms that live on small islands in the Azure Sea) and travel back to Hommlet to check of Myst. Finding her in good health they decide to wait to sell the cloth in Verbobonc and instead travel to the Moathouse.

They faced the terrible blue dragon that ‘haunted’ the keep, set fire to a tower that had a lonely Ettercap inside, and managed to convince the gnolls that were working for some cult dedicated to the Elemental Eye to work for them instead. Thus they defeated the cultists there though after many trials and tribulations including Pressi almost dying after messing with a purple altar in some caves the ghouls had dug up.

They found a shaft leading down to a strange object known as the Dark Obelisk in journals they found but after Pressi was grabbed by tentacles they decided to leave it alone and used a Stoneshape scroll to reseal the chamber. From there they traveled north with cockatrice eggs and a very injured blue dragon (they kept it alive rather than killed it.) Which they sold to a suspicious noble lord Count Gilbert one of the two lords on the Council of Coin that controls the main markets in Verbobonc. Further Gilbert owned a massive zoo that he let people enter into for a small price.

Oh and they manage to sell the Velvet as well, though in truth the dragon sold for much more.

Crowns, Gnomes, and Kobolds

Rather than pay coin to Myst Gilbert gave a crown known as the Krono Di Regxo which was in fact the crown of the gnome ‘King’ of the Kron Hills. The gnomes were in a state of rebellion from Verbobonc since the current Counts are unable to pay for a mercenary army to retake the lands lost. Thus the party travels to the fabled city of Jadarune the de facto capital of the Kron Hills after the collapse of Kron the old capital during the Kobold Wars.

A city made of crystal with a heraldic symbol of a Prism the party found a new ally with the King of Kron. In truth the King has no power, and he could offer only one thing to the party for the return of the crown. That was the deed to a old diamond mine that had been overrun by Kobolds. While Ol’ Draco (the Kobold that united the tribes that fought in the Kobold Wars) was dead his legacy was still alive.

The Deliberative now had power in the Kron Hills, and ruled while the king was left as a ornamental position. With the deed in hand the party traveled there and faced terrible traps, and eventually defeated the kobold threat in the mine. They also discovered a terrible truth, one of the sons of Ol’ Draco was still alive. Calling himself Draco Half-God he is once again uniting the Kobold Tribes together.

However before the party can deal with that threat they have to fight off a red dragon that lives in the lava pools under their new diamond mine…


Rather short overview of the week or so we spent playing D&D. As I said before these will be far more detailed and likely have maps to help detail the events of the game. Hope you enjoyed it!


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